*2016: National Board Certified Holistic Alternative Psychology Master – American Institute of Holistic Health and Wellness

*2012: Certification In Self-Esteem Coaching – The Center For Personal Reinvention

*2011: Master Life Coaching Certification – American University of NLP

*2011: Life Coaching Certification – American University of NLP

*2010: Lightwave, Update – Bryan DeFlores

* 2009: Lightwave, Level II – Bryan DeFlores

* 2008: Lightwave, Level I – Bryan DeFlores

* 2008-2009: The 7 Rays Healing System – an ancient system incorporating key aspects of Siddha Medicine, Andean Shamanism and Alchemy that were taught in ancient mystery schools.

* 2008: Signature Cell Healing Level II – Rev. Mel Morishige

* 2008: Signature Cell Healing Level I – Rev. Sean White

* 2007: Initiation into the Melkizedek Order – Rev. Dan Chesbro

* 2006: Adept Initiation into the Rocky Mountain Mystery School

* 2006: Pranic Healing Level I – Master Co

* 2005 -2006: The Art of Spiritual Peacemaking, James Twyman

* 2005: Hawaiian Shamanism – Dr. Hank Wesselman

* 2005: Soul Navigation Level I, II, III– Dr. Christine Page

* 2004-ongoing: Study with Brian DeFlores, Galactic artist and teacher

* 2003-06: Ongoing study of Inca Shamanism as initiate to Don Jose Tomayo, indigenous Ecuadorian Inca Shaman.

* 2000: Celtic Shamanism – Tom Cowan

* 1998-99: Sound Healing – Dr. John Beaulieu

* 1995-ongoing: Study of shamanism with various teachers from The Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

* 1993-95: Hypnotherapy – Dr. Robert Johnson

* 1992: Reiki Level I, II, III – Susan Brown

* 1991: Gestalt Therapy – Long Island Gestalt Center

* 1989: Crystal and Vibrational Healing – Dr. Catherine Sweet

* 1987: Massage and Meridian Therapy – Swedish Institute, NYC

About Joan

I am called a healer, but I know only God heals. I just hold the great privilege and responsibility for facilitating that for another.

I am called a counselor, but I know I am blessed with being able to hear and feel the voices and frequencies of those who continually guide us, and therefore I am responsible for guiding another find their way back to the Divine Path.

I am called a teacher, but I know I am privileged to be the voice of those Spirits and Beings, within the one God/Source of all things. And so I know their truth and wisdom.

I am called a mentor, but I am just ahead of the curve. For with all of these gifts, I live in accordance with God’s will, and willingly share this process with all who ask me to.

I am called a shamana by the Ecuadorian Inca shaman who initiated me.

I am a clear channel for the healing frequencies, truth, wisdom and communion with the Spirits and Beings of Light and Sound who hold Unity Consciousness and the Law of One in the highest order, within the construct emanating from the one God/Source of all things – seen and unseen.

I have been blessed with many gifts, and I accept the responsibilities that come with them.

And yet, I am just like you – living in this time of great change and opportunity. It wasn’t always a smooth path for me, but I have always sought the gold in each experience throughout this life. And I have found it.

Here is my short story…

My first conscious memory is at two and a half years old. I am sitting against a vibrating washing machine, looking at my biological mother and baby sister, wondering where I am and how I got there. I want to go home.

As a young child, I was consumed by what was perceived as irrational fears. I would dream of spiraling tunnels and space ships. Unusual and often frightening creatures and beings would visit me at night. And I would know things when I woke up. All of this led my middle-class, Italian-American family to pursue medical treatment for me.

When I was 12 years old, I was struck by a car while riding a bicycle. I remember flying into the sky, looking down at Earth and my life there. I felt peaceful and, for the first time in my life, the beings who I knew from my dreams weren’t scary; they were a part of me – my true friends and family. I recovered from this near-death experience and lived as if I fit in, externally; but I never felt as though I truly belonged anywhere.

At 15, I began reading esoteric books – Watts, Krishnamurti, Alice Bailey and the like – in an attempt to understand my thoughts, sensations and dreams. I was often in trouble for something, and grounded for long periods of time. In my room, I would search through books for answers to my inner turmoil. I began practicing yoga at 17 years old, studying its philosophies as well. I was already outspoken and irreverent according to my family’s traditions, so I accepted my “difference from my family” and embraced it in a rebellious fashion.

At 30, I found myself pregnant with who is today my son, James. I began to cherish this life growing inside me. I knew this baby would change me in more ways than just becoming a mother. And so it has…

I studied massage and the body as a way of providing for my son and myself. This led to studying various energy/holistic healing techniques. All my studies seemed to blend together, incorporating into my energy matrix. All I needed to do was open up to Source, and the Spirits of Lights and Sound, moving me into the client’s energy matrix. There, connected to the Divine and the client’s Soul Family, I could locate the beginning of the discordance – and use my resources to help heal its cause.

At 41, another car accident brought me to my second near-death experience. This one left me brain injured and an amnesiac. But the body holds all memory and as I slowly, frighteningly, and eventually recovered I remembered the angelic being who showed me the Worlds and once again, Earth and my life upon it. At that moment, only one thought brought me back – my 11 year old son, James. He was my motivation for great change, again. But the more-encompassing purpose for my return and complete healing was my service to humanity and God.

All of this has opened the doorways I once closed in order to belong. I now understand the “quirks and neuroses” of my earlier years; and make conscious contact with those frequencies and beings I once feared. My life is enriched and enlivened by them; in fact, they are my greatest teachers, guides and friends, who help me live this life of Love, Light, and Service.

In fact, it is this life that I live, understanding and integrating the experiences I continue to have, that makes me the Wayshower I am for those seeking change – and a better way of being in this world.

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