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Here you will find practical wisdom and expertise in evolutionary consciousness – emerging through self-discovery into self-mastery, enabling you to live life more joyfully through these changing times.

Whether you are seeking greater material well-being; physical health and wellness; more successful relationships with your mate, children, friends or co-workers; or support and guidance through your spiritual evolution, I can help.

Moving from a goal-oriented perspective to a process-oriented perspective is my design here; nurturing, supporting, guiding and inspiring you along the way with various offerings available now on this site, more to come in the future.

We are all here to contribute to Life’s evolution – for ourselves and future generations.

Awaken to the shared space between us, that place ripe with creative possibilities.  The universe is growing, why not you too?

I offer personal consultations, audio downloads, blogs and articles to inspire the awakening within.

I am also available for group workshops and ceremonies if you are a facilitator yourself.

It is essential that we build our frequencies for our mother, Earth, to affect the wave and particle spin of Ascension – for the individual and for humanity at large.

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Here are some client responses I would like to share with you. For more perspectives click on Testimonials.

Hi Joan,
I have been bowled over the last couple of days with some more insights and effects from our session earlier this week that I wanted to share with you.  I feel a bit like I’m in a fairy tale–I am thawing and transforming before my very eyes, within my skin and psyche.  Some of the qualities I had apparently ‘given away’ to this difficult person are coming into my own being.  I am feeling like wearing more unconventional clothes and colors–because I like them, and am feeling more adventurous in social situations, less shy and constrained, and am less worried about what others will think.  Aha!  I see a bit of what had been going on through these changes.  Thank you again for your excellent, balanced insight and help.
In graditude,
Name Withheld For Confidentiality

Dear Joan,
I went through your entire website. It was wonderful reading and I totally agree with all that you say. You’ve put it all so beautifully. I heard your Protection and Discernment audios as well. They were lovely…I especially liked your suggestion of bringing the higher self out rather than down, and I’m going to try that. I also liked your method of removing shadows from light and I’m going to view it in that way now.
Darryl D.

Hello Joan…
…Wanting to let you know how brilliantly you helped me with the problem I had…It was a long-standing problem and your help has now made it a thing of the past. I can’t thank you enough…It really feels like a miracle.
Name Withheld for Confidentiality

**You can schedule a personal phone session by selecting an option from the services drop down menu**